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Easily built the data streams that you need, at any scale. Don't mind the infrastructure, focus on the important things of your business. Get your cluster up & running in seconds.
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Live data streams
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Easily create your streams within minutes

Our easy-to-understand API calls allow you to build applications on-top of the platform and stream your data from/to infinite sources.

Easy development

Develop with flexibility

You can create your applications in the language you want and model your streams with any structure. Our platform is language and model agnostic.

Built on-top of the best cloud providers

You Clusters are in good hands. Out platform is built on-top of the best cloud providers such as Azure, AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean.

Cloud on-top
Straight forward billing

Straight forward billing

Our pricing model allows you to always stay on-top of your bills. This way you can never have unforseen & sky-rocketed charges.

Powerful features

Real-Time dataTransfer your data in a constant real-time continuous streamAny Source & TargetCreate your own producers and consumers with full flexibility. Stream from and to any targetUltra was built with security in-mind from the ground up with microservices mTLS communicationsFully ScalableOur solutions can scale based on your business needs either in a horizontal or vertical manner based on automations you set upCloud NativeOur solution is cloud agnostic. Deploy it rapidly, and have it up and running in minutesGuaranteed UptimeWe make sure the system is working constantly with no pauses or breaks, 24/7ReliableNo messages will be lost or not delivered, ever. If you decide to shoot it, we will deliver itIn-Line TransformationsTransform your message communications from one microservice to another based on any specific business case

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